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Debauve & Gallais X Wild Orchard Tea Set 2


Collection of Debauve & Gallais Assorted Dark and Milk Chocolate Bonbons and Wild Orchard Traditional Loose Leaf Teas.

Set includes 2 Wild Orchard Traditional Loose Leaf Teas (1.2oz/35gr) and 1 Debauve & Gallais 10 Piece Assorted Bonbons.

Mid Spring Green Tea: Harvested between early May and late May.

Red Tea: Fully fermented Late Spring green tea, commonly known as black tea. Deep and earthy with amber tannins. 

Debauve & Gallais 10 Piece Bonbons: This 10 piece chocolate assortment is a petite sampling of our bonbon assortment that remains no less the sweetest indulgence.