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Debauve & Gallais X Wild Orchard Tea Set 1


French royally appointed chocolates accompanied with the purest and highest quality organic teas, a harmonious unity.

Set includes 2 Wild Orchard (1.2oz/35gr) Blended Loose Leaf Teas & 1 Medium Tube Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolate Carres (20 pieces).  

Bubble Gum: Floral, fruity, and buoyant.
Organic green tea, natural flavor, organic papaya pieces (organic papaya, organic rice flour), organic pineapple pieces, organic strawberry pieces, organic raspberry pieces, organic blue mallow flowers, organic pink rose petals.

Morning Sun: Awakening citrus and floras are grounded in warm, woody ginger.
Organic green tea, organic ginger, organic lemon peels, natural flavor, organic marigold flowers

Debauve & Gallais Assorted Carres (Solid Dark Chocolate Squares)
- 45% Milk Chocolate
- 60% Dark Chocolate
- 72% Dark Chocolate
- 85% Dark Chocolate