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Emperor Napoleon Croquamandes


Emperor Napoleon Croquamandes

Delicious caramelized almonds, coated with dark chocolate, a delicacy created for the Emperor Napoleon 1st.

The short story: the idea of the Croquamandes arises during a discussion between Lent and the Emperor Napoleon Ier to celebrate the victory of Friedland in June 1807. A few days later, DEBAUVE gave life to this idea and made the first Croquamandes, deliciously caramelized almonds, coated with dark chocolate. A landmark in the history of chocolate between the solid or liquid chocolate that came from Spain and the first contemporary chocolates. The Emperor then offered this candy coated with a chocolate mantle to Marshal Lefebvre to celebrate his enthronement as Duke of Danzig.

Presence of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten and soy.