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Posted on May 03 2017

Q: Why are your chocolates not shiny like most other chocolates?

A: Most chocolates available today contain dyes, preservatives and other undesirable substances - all of which we forbid to be used in our products, with the exception of the dyes necessary for the silk- screened prints on some of the bonbons. Among these additives, soy lecithin is commonly used by chocolate makers to give a beautiful sheen to the chocolate, as well as for stabilization - delaying the inevitable separation of the cocoa butter from the cocoa mass (called "blooming"). Our chocolates are finer and more delicate, and are also more difficult to create, but the exclusion of this additive enables us to offer a pure, authentic chocolate whose taste and virtues are not compromised.

Q: Where are the chocolates made?

A: The chocolates are created in our workshops in France using traditional, time-tested recipes, some dating back 200 years!

Q: Is your praliné made primarily with hazelnuts?

A: Contrary to popular belief, the best praliné is made with almonds or a carefully calibrated mixture of almonds and hazelnuts - but not of hazelnuts alone. Our praliné is a true French praliné, and is very expensive and difficult to create. We invite you to try any of the various pralinés on offer in our boutique and taste the difference!

Q: Do you offer dark chocolates - chocolates with a high percentage of cocoa?

A: French chocolate is singular in that it is the least sweetened, and we would argue the truest, chocolate in the world. We are very proud of this heritage and have upheld it for over 200 years. Most of our chocolates are dark, coated with 72% cocoa or greater, and more importantly from the finest harvests of cocoa beans in the world. We are similarly strict with our other ingredients using the best almonds, pistachios, rums, etc.

Q: Are your chocolates moulded or coated?

A: With very few exceptions, we follow the traditional artisinal method of carefully shaping our chocolates without moulds and then covering them with chocolate. There is a great difference in taste that all true connoisseurs will recognize...

Q: Do chocolates make you put on weight?

A: Any food consumed without moderation will cause weight gain, however, we have always produced chocolates that are made with greater quantities of cocoa, and far less sugar, butter, and cream than other chocolates on the market.