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Sulpice Debauve was the royal family chemist. One day, when he visited the queen with a new concoction, she complained that most of her medicines tasted too strong and quite unpleasant. She suggested taking them with the hot drinking chocolate she was accustomed to enjoying for so many years in Vienna. To put medicine in hot drinking chocolate, however, was not a good idea, as the result would be even worse since the heat would increase the taste and the smell of the medicines.
Thus came about the idea that they would put medicine in solid chocolate, not the chocolate used to make drinking chocolate (in thick liquid form), but a new kind of solid chocolate devised to be eaten solid with the medicine inside.
Cocoa was yet known as an invigorating product. In the D & G tradition, it is said that the Pistole was founded by the Queen herself when she saw the first ones in a coin shape (more beautiful as such when displayed on a tray). She enjoyed nice conversations over them with the Spanish nobles visiting her.
The Pistole was first made of cocoa, cane sugar, and medicine mixed together. However, because the queen was a chocolate fan, she asked for more, though with an even further improved taste. Thus S. Debauve simultaneously became a chocolate chemist (manufacturing Pistoles with medicine according to the orders of the king's doctor) and a "chocolatier" because he produced Pistoles with pleasant flavours such as orange blossom, almond milk, Orgeat cream, coffee, vanilla, etc., according to the queen's wishes. We believe the queen's favorite was almond milk.
After the Revolution, S. Debauve opened his first chocolate shop and decorated the front with a quote from Horace: "Utile Dulci," referring to the mix of the health benefits of cocoa and the pleasure of enjoying chocolate. Though we stopped producing most of the varieties since we are no longer a licensed chemist company, we still offer a broad selection.
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