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The Incroyables was first introduced after Louis-Philippe was thrown from power by the 1848 Revolution at the very beginning of the Second Republic whose spirit and creed revived freedom and creativity. We presented once more the elegant box twenty years ago, embellishing it with the gold Kings of France coat of arms instead of the past red Revolution symbols.
The actual name of this lovely case is "Les Incroyables et Merveilleuses," which refers to the young and fashionable men and women who were all born into well-to-do families and, after the end of Robespierre's bloody dictatorship, bold enough to exhibit themselves in clothes that were as eccentric as they were expensive as a way of proudly claiming the return of individual freedom.
The bonbon was designed as a metaphor for this event; the bitter ganache at the center is for the Incroyables, and is completely surrounded by the sweet nougatine of the Merveilleuses. The Incroyables are the Merveilleuses prisoners. Locked together in sweetness, each couple is preserved from the outside world by the colour of love.
An anecdote about Les Incroyables: When first issued, the boxes were not numbered (the royal orders were normally numbered). One of our first customers was Prince Napoléon (nephew of Napoleon I; also the future emperor as Napoléon III), who, being the recipient of a box as a gift from a retired general, found it and the chocolates lovely as well as politically appropriate for his wish to recall the last years of the French Revolution when his uncle, after the fall of Robespierre, took over. When we asked how many boxes the Prince would order, his butler, a faithful servant of the former emporer, answered, "As many as the braves who died with General Cambronne at Waterloo. When they were surrounded by their enemies, the General declared, 'The soldier dies but never surrenders!' " We supposed they were 2,000 since our box sets are always numbered up to 2,000.
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